Should We Always Expect Life to Have Highs and Lows?

Margaret Thatcher was Britain's longest-serving Prime Minister in more than a century. She experienced highs and lows throughout her tenure in Parliament and as her country’s top leader.

When she lost power in late 1990, after her own cabinet wanted her to step down as leader of the Conservative Party, she resigned as Prime Minister. Thirteen years later, she lost her husband to pancreatic cancer. Of Denis, Thatcher once said: “...there is just Denis and me, and I could not do without him.”

Based on what you have learned in “The Iron Lady” story, was it more difficult for Margaret Thatcher to lose power or to lose her husband?  What support do you have for your answer?

Although she held political power for so long, Margaret Thatcher had highs and lows in her personal and professional life. Do you think that people should expect to have both highs and lows in their lives? Explain your answer.

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