Polk County Students Present Historical Stories - Slavery: Behind The Scenes...

Slavery: Behind The Scenes...

 A peek behind the wall of slavery.

 By: Ty Sasser and Karolina Kacinskas

      Slavery, a very sore subject in modern-day America. The story behind it will leave you breathless. It all started in 1619 in Jamestown, Virginia, where the first African-American slaves were brought. Slavery may be in the past, but it is still a vivid memory today.


      The Underground Railroad was a key piece in the process of saving African-American slaves. These "Conductors" or "Helpers" took it upon themselves to save the lives of these slaves in danger. The Underground Railroad referred to slaves as "Passengers" or "Cargo" to keep a low profile. They had "Stopping Places" also called "Stations" all over the United States in the time of slavery. Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave, was the most important "Conductor". Countless lives were saved by The Underground Railroad.


        Business was booming for slave owners. In 1619, slaves were sold all over America. Children were kidnapped and sneaked away from their' families to become slaves. Heavily enraged at the lack of respect for their lives,  African-Americans began to kill whites for freedom. Still desperate for a free life, slaves stopped at nothing to escape.


         Frederick Douglass has a phenomenal story of becoming a leader from a slave. As a child slave, he did not have a bed, no good clothes, and lack of food. The money he earned from hard work and labor, was taken away by the master. With a desperate life, he tried to escape, but was caught and sent to jail. Later in his life, while working as a caulker, he met his one true love, Anna Murray. Frederick was soon to be known as an abolitionist, and did remarkable speeches all over the United States. His speeches were printed into newspapers. Douglass wrote in books about his legacy. He was the first African-American to be nominated for president.


         The giant wall of slavery may never be fully uncovered. But, the small peak behind the wall has shaped the America we will in today. From the Underground Railroad to the remarkable stories of abolitionists, slavery has played an important role in history. Slavery is a big deal, and should always be remembered, yet never forgotten.

Original Release: Jun 14, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jun 15, 2016

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