South Vietnamese Troops - Combat in 1964

In this photo, by Horst Faas, South Vietnamese troops are in Long An province where they were defending against Viet Cong operations in the South’s Mekong Delta area.

Before the U.S. began combat operations in Vietnam, Americans provided mostly unarmed help. They would serve as advisers, but the South-Vietnamese military did all the fighting.

The photo, from December of 1964, also depicts U.S. “Eagle Flight” choppers which ferried South Vietnamese airborne troops to combat areas. These troops would support South Vietnamese ground forces engaged in combat with Vietcong guerillas from North Vietnam.

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Media Credits

Horst Faas photo, from December of 1964, published by the Associated Press (AP). Copyright, Horst Faas/AP, all rights reserved. Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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