Soviet Union - Oil Deposits

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The former Soviet Union had significant natural resources which Adolf Hitler wanted to control.  This map depicts the general location of its vast oil fields. 

The especially lucrative oil fields - which the Soviet government strictly controlled and Hitler coveted - were near the town of Baku.  (Look south of Moscow, on the above map, which you can click-on to substantially enlarge the view.)

In the summer of 1941 - about two years after Germany and the USSR had signed a "non-aggression" agreement - Hitler sent his troops to invade his erstwhile ally.  He was especially interested in the oil fields near the Caucasus Mountains, and his plan of conquest for those fields was called Fall Blau ("Operation Blue"). 

For more details (and photos) on Hitler's plan to control the Soviet oil fields near the town of Baku, see The Caucasus and the Oil by Wilhelm Tieke.

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Map online, courtesy Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin.


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