Soviets Annihilate Kulaks As a Class

As the Bolshevik regime mandated collectivized farming, in the newly formed USSR, Lenin (and then Stalin) took (or ordered) direct action against self-sufficient farmers whom the regime called ''Kulaks.''

Actions, taken against these individuals, included:

  • Ejectment from their homes/farms
  • Displacement of farmers and their families
  • Banishment of "Kulaks" to forced-labor camps

Sometimes the direct action, leveled against these self-sufficient farmers, included death by hanging (as Lenin ordered on 11 August 1918).

This poster, published in 1930, is written in the Russian language. It states (in English translation) that ''We will annihilate Kulaks as a class.''

The Library of Congress, which maintains a copy of this propaganda piece, provides both a title and a summary of the work:


[We will annihilate kulaks as a class] / Kukryniksy.


Poster promoting collectivization and opposition to Kulaks (self-sufficient peasants); depicts collective farm with tractor.

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Media Credits

Poster by Moscow-Leningrad: Gosudarstvennoe izdatel’stvo; released in 1930. Online via the Library of Congress.


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