Springbok Victory from a New Zealand Perspective

This rare video is a clip of the final moments of the June 24, 1995 Rugby World Cup match.  As the All Blacks and the Springboks face each other in the game's final scrum, New Zealand commentators talk about what victory could mean for South Africa.

Thereafter, as the Springboks celebrate their win - and the All Blacks process their loss - the commentators discuss the game's highlights.  Included are the last moments of the game, as seen on live television (beginning of the clip); the Springboks celebrating; scenes of jubilation at Ellis Park; Pienaar's stadium interview (6:12 into the clip); the trophy presentation (7:00) and the final follow-up.

Media Credits

Clip from New Zealand television broadcast, June 24, 1995.  Online, courtesy YouTube.


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