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When Vladimir Lenin died, and Joseph Stalin came to power, people in the Soviet Union were forced to change the way they conducted business. 

Farmers were particularly impacted, during the early years, since they were no longer allowed to own land and keep profits.  The government owned the land and farm workers were forced to implement government-created "five year plans." 

Stalin wanted the Soviet Union to become an industrialized nation as quickly as possible.  To make that happen, he needed huge numbers of workers who could:

  • Build roads;
  • Dig canals;
  • Lay railroad tracks; and
  • Do whatever else was required. 

A system of "forced labor camps," which employed millions of poorly fed and badly sheltered people, became known as the GULAG.  People working at these camps were slave laborers.  Their collective efforts transformed the Soviet Union until Stalin died in 1953.

This image, from a Polish-language website, depicts a drawing of Stalin against the background of an industrialized landscape.

Click on the image for a better view.

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Media Credits

Drawing of Joseph Stalin, online courtesy gallery at komunizm.px.pl (a Polish-language website).



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