Stalingrad: Deadly Battle of WWII - Summary

The Battle of Stalingrad is the scene of the deadliest battle in military history. A battle of wills between the Russian leader Stalin, and the Hitler of Germany, results in 2 million deaths. Starving citizens and soldiers turn into cannibals as dead bodies increase and food supplies decrease. Despite enormous hardships, the Russian people prevail and the Germans surrender. The heroism of the people of Stalingrad, and the strategy of Soviet generals, wins the war.  More importantly, those collective efforts lead to the suicide of Adolf Hitler. 

Hitler underestimates Stalin when he launches his plan to conquer the Soviet Union. He also underestimates how much the Soviet people despise him and his Third Reich. Add these factors to the brutal Russian winters and horrible battle conditions in Russia, and Hitler must face the fact that he could lose this hard-fought fight.  As the Soviets resist the oncoming Germans, the German troops are forced to battle in the streets and gutters of Russia. As the battle ensues, Soviet snipers kill more and more German officers.

Soviet commanders quickly realize the benefits of using snipers to take-out large numbers of Nazis. One sniper, Vasily Zaitsev, is reported to have taken out 242 soldiers with 243 shots. Zaitsev is recognized for his talents and he begins to train additional snipers. He trains a woman, Tania Chernova, who wants to kill as many Germans as possible. The Germans send in their own sniper, Major Koenig, to take out Zaitsev, but Zaitsev proves a better shot and kills Koenig. 

Even though there is some doubt about the reliability of the story of the duel between Zaitsev and Koenig, it is a fact that Zaitsev and his group of snipers put Hitler’s troops in the worst-possible position. Hitler underestimates the Russians, and suffers a massive defeat. This defeat ultimately leads Hitler’s suicide.

After the war ends, Winston Churchill recognizes the suffering and heroism of the Russians in Stalingrad, and presents a jeweled sword to Stalin. A statue called “Mother Russia," which is the largest statue in the world, stands on a hill in Stalingrad as a tribute to all those who suffered. 

Learn about the tragedy and strength of the Stalingrad people. See pictures of the city before its destruction. Take a virtual field trip of the battles and see the posters showing how much the Russians despise the Germans. See the players in the battles and learn how they change history. Learn about the tributes to the heroes of Stalingrad. 

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