Stirling Castle View

Stirling Castle with view of Abbey Craig and the Wallace Monument

This panorama of Stirling, Scotland—where the Scots won a major battle over the English in 1297—gives us a view of:

  • Abbey Craig, site of the Wallace Monument;
  • The town of Stirling; and

The medieval bridge, which we also see in this picture, replaced the wooden bridge on which the battle was fought.  The wooden bridge was located about 60 meters upstream from the existing bridge.

This view is from the ramparts of Stirling Castle.  From this vantage point, we can understand the importance of that castle during its heyday since its defenders could see for miles around.

It was here, at the Stirling Bridge, where William Wallace and his men stunned the English king and his troops by delivering a decisive victory for the Scots. 

Click on the image for a much-better view.

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Original Release: Oct 07, 2013

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Media Credits

Photo by Kim Traynor, online via Wikimedia Commons.  LICENSE:  CC BY-SA 3.0.


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