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"I can't believe how fast and easy it is to use StoryMaker! I research the archives right from the app, write my story, enter links, note sources and- presto-- there is a multimedia story complete with beautiful images, videos and reliable citations ready for publication for learners and teachers around the world as well as my own students,” exclaims Kay Teehan, Technology Resource Specialist at Polk County Schools in Florida.

Whether are a student and you want to write a fictional story, an article, a paper or a PBL report, or if you are a teacher and you want to organize a semester or a unit of work for students using the story and chapter organization and AwesomeStories resources, or you want to write your own article or story of any kind.. use StoryMakerTM!  

StoryMakerTM is an amazingly simple way to write and cite! Linked to the AwesomeStories archive, you can use images, videos, documents or audios in your story, already properly cited within our archive. Or use any of the 18 top global archives linked directly from StoryMakerTM to support your story.

How to do it?
On the right in our media stream on this page, see the QuickGuide which shows the steps needed to start, research, write, upload media, organize your resources into the multimedia experience you wish to deliver.  There is also a video that steps you through the process. 

Students may be asked to submit stories to their teacher. The teacher can grade and return the story, share the student stories with their class for collaboration, or submit some or all stories to the beautiful, globally popular AwesomeStories website for publishing.

Some students may write a story on their own and submit it to the website for publishing. It will be reviewed by AwesomeStories, revisions may be suggested, and once agreed, the story will be published in a student collection.

Teachers write and share their stories with their class or submit them to AwesomeStories for global publishing, or both. 


StoryMaker Intro from AwesomeStories 

(additional helpful links found on right in Media Stream)

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