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Vittorio Sella photographed some of the world's most majestic mountain peaks ... in the 19th century. 

Decades later, his beautiful pictures and work, in general, remains not just relevant but important for mountaineers mapping routes.

The publisher of this book tells us more about Sella and what he accomplished:

Weighted with heavy, nineteenth-century camera equipment, Vittorio Sella climbed some of the world's most mysterious, perilous peaks and photographed them, many for the first time.

His strikingly elegant photographs, which in Ansel Adams's words, "revealed [the mountains] in all their sheer majesty," offer groundbreaking scientific and documentary information as well. Climbers today still use Sella's pictures to map out routes and to better comprehend their challenges and the magnificence to come.

Through Sella's images, we can witness the grandeur of the world's greatest peaks; the Russian Caucasus, the Saint Elias Range in Alaska, Mount Ruwenzori in Africa, the Kanchenjunga [the world's third-highest] in the Himalayas.

His photographic documentation of these peaks had no precedents and has few, if any, equals.

The book is not available for online reading.

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