Surrender at Yorktown -With French Assistance

Surrender at Yorktown-With French Assistance

According to the Library of Congress: 

This etching is a fanciful French representation of the surrender at Yorktown, Virginia, depicted in the upper center as a walled medieval town. The French army, dressed in blue, is in the foreground and the American army, in red, is in the background between which the British army is seen leaving the field.

The French fleet, whose command of the seas was decisive, is depicted as being anchored in the York River.

Media Credits

Reddition de l'Armée Angloises Commandée par Mylord Comte de Cornwallis aux Armées Combinées des âtats unis de l'Amérique et de France. . .  Paris: Mondhare, 1781. 

Image, quote and information from the Library of Congress: John Bull and Uncle Sam, Four Centuries of British-American Relations.


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