Surrender of Santa Anna

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Sam Houston sustained a serious ankle injury at the Battle of San Jacinto.  In this 1886 painting, by William Huddle (1847–92), we see the General resting against a tree.  His wound ultimately healed, but Houston suffered from pain, off and on, for the rest of his life. 

As he was resting his foot, Houston's men brought a prisoner to him.  It was Santa Anna, El Presidente of Mexico, who had no choice but surrender.

The Texas State Preservation Board provides more details regarding this painting:

Artist William Henry Huddle painted the scene of the morning of April 22, 1836, the day after Texas' victory over Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto. Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna, in the uniform of a private soldier, was brought before Texas General Sam Houston as a prisoner of war.

Houston, wounded in the battle, rested on a pallet under the oak tree while arranging an armistice with Santa Anna. To the right, seated on a log, was Erastus (Deaf) Smith, famous Texas scout; the captured Mexican battle flags were leaning nearby against the tree. To the left and rear of Houston was his Secretary of War, Thomas Jefferson Rusk, who was standing next to Colonel Mirabeau B. Lamar. Over thirty other historical figures were depicted in this painting. It has been on display in the first floor south wing of the Capitol since February 1891.

The Texas State Preservation Board (Caretakers of the Texas Capitol) has also identified the individuals depicted in the painting.


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Surrender of Santa Anna, by William Huddle.  Image online, courtesy Texas State Preservation Board.



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