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One of the oldest cities in the world, Susa likely had residents by at least 5000 BC.  It became the capital of Elam in the fourth millennium (known as the “Uruk Period”).

As the years passed, and one group of people conquered another, Susa became a royal city favored by King Darius the Great (522-486).  He built a palace there and included an inscription (known as the Dsf) which survives. 

In English, this inscription says:

A great god is Ahuramazda, who created this earth, who created yonder sky, who created man, who created happiness for man, who made Darius king, one king of many, one lord of many.

Darius the King says: By the grace of Ahuramazda I built this palace.

Darius the King says: Ahuramazda, the greatest of the gods, created me,  made me king, bestowed upon me this kingdom, great, possessed of good horses, possessed of good men.

By the grace of Ahuramazda, my father Hystaspes and Arsames my grandfather - these both were living when Ahuramazda made me king in this earth.

To Ahuramazda thus was the desire: he chose me as his man in all the earth; he made me king in all the earth.

I worshipped Ahuramazda. Ahuramazda bore me aid. What was by me commanded to do, that he made successful for me. What I did, all by the grace of Ahuramazda I did.

This palace which I built at Susa, from afar its ornamentation was brought. Downward the earth was dug, until I reached rock in the earth. When the excavation had been made, then rubble was packed down, some 40 cubits in depth, another part 20 cubits in depth. On that rubble the palace was constructed.

When Alexander the Great defeated Darius III, he ordered many of his troops to marry Persian women.  He personally married one of Darius’ daughters - Barsine - and all of these marriages took place in Susa.

This image depicts how the ruins at Susa once appeared (before the age of urban sprawl).  The original photo was taken on 23 October 1935 and gives us an aerial view looking north. 

On the left side of the mound is the Saimarrah River.  It flows beside the “tomb of Daniel,” which has a pointed roof.

Click on the image for a better view.

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