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The 1872 Convention, which selected Horace Greeley as the best man to challenge America’s incumbent President U.S. Grant, was held in Baltimore. Before long, political cartoonists such as Thomas Nast were attacking Greeley. In this illustration we see Greeley at the notorious Andersonville Prison where many Union soldiers died in the Civil War (which had ended only seven years earlier).

Harper’s Weekly published this Nast cartoon on the 21st of September, 1872. Nast portrays Greeley as a man completely out-of-touch, wearing an oversized coat. Trying to reconcile with the South, Greeley seems oblivious to the sea of dead Union soldiers in front of him. Nast’s point, of course, was that Greeley was oblivious to just about everything. The illustration’s caption says:  ““What I know about shaking hands over the bloodiest chasms, by H.G.” Online via the Library of Congress. Click on the image for a full-page view.


The political convention that selected Horace Greeley to oppose Ulysses S. Grant in the presidential election of 1872 was widely criticized. Many people referred to it as "That Convention."

Folks didn't seem to give Greeley much chance to win, as an illustration from the book "That Convention" demonstrates. Political cartoons made it seem as though Greeley's only support came from his own employer, the Tribune, while the entire United States supported Grant.

That point wasn't exactly true, however. Many women wanted Greeley to win. They, of course, didn't count because they couldn't vote.

"That Convention" also had a few things to say about Susan Anthony—none of them flattering.

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