Death of a Tsar: Romanov Execution - THE DEATH SCENE

Nicholas (who was only 5' 6") carried his 13-year-old son. Yurovsky personally led the family, Dr. Botkin, and the family's servants to the cellar room. There, without a trial - "this was prevented by the advancing Whites" - Yurovsky told the family they were about to die.

When the detachment came in, the commandant [Yurovsky] told the Romanovs that in light of the fact that their relatives in Europe were continuing their aggression against Soviet Russia, the Ural [local] Executive Committee had decreed that they were to be shot. Nicholas turned his back to the detachment, his face toward his family, then, as though collecting himself, turned to the commandant with the question: "What? What?" The commandant hurriedly repeated his statement and ordered the detachment to get ready.

The Romanov family was trapped. No one was there to help. Their beloved ikons were of no use.

Two of the men picked to kill the family had refused to shoot the girls. (This link takes you to a photo of the girls ten years before they were executed.) Those soldiers were discharged and replaced with men who weren't bothered by such details. The execution squad was ready:

The detachment had been given instructions earlier on whom to shoot and were ordered to aim directly for the heart to avoid a large amount of blood and to finish them off more quickly.

The scene of the murders was photographed later by the White Army. One can hardly imagine the horror that took place in the cramped (13 x 7) room. The Tsar was the first to die:

Nicholas, again turning to the family said nothing more; the others made a few incoherent exclamations; this all lasted a few seconds. Then the shooting started; lasted for two to three minutes. Nicholas was killed on the spot by the commandant himself.

Just before he died, Nicholas apparently tried to shield his son. Alexandra Fedorovna died immediately after that.

But killing Anastasia and her sisters did not go according to Yurovsky's plan.

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