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Raoul Wallenberg was born in the capital city of Stockholm, Sweden on August 4, 1912. His father had died of cancer a few months before his birth. His mother raised her son to be compassionate of others and curious about all things.

Raoul spent much of his time with his grandfather, who was Sweden’s ambassador to Turkey. The young boy listened intently to his grandfather’s stories about faraway countries. The old man also told him stories about his ancestors who were famous sea captains, rich bankers, and diplomats in Sweden. Raoul dreamed of someday doing something important in his life as well.

When Raoul went to school, he studied many different languages and found he had a talent for learning languages easily. He loved his debate classes because he found it challenging to try to convince people to agree with him. He also demonstrated much skill in drawing.

In 1931, his grandfather sent him to the University of Michigan in the United States, where he majored in architecture. Raoul loved the United States and found the American people fascinating. During his school vacations, he would travel all over the United States meetings all sorts of people along he way.

When Raoul graduated from college, he returned to Sweden and entered a contest to design a Swedish landmark. He was competing against the most famous architects in Sweden. However, this young architect novice won second prize.

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