Passion of the Christ - THE FIRST TRIAL

This aerial map depicts the place where the first trial of Jesus took place. Today the house of Caiphus, the high priest, is called “Gallicantu” (Latin for “the cock crew”). The full name of the church which is now located where the home of the high priest once stood, is “Saint Peter in Gallicantu.” Click on the image for a better view, then look at the lower-right side of this Google map.


The first stop on this long night was at the house of Annas, father-in-law of the high priest, Caiaphas. Not much time passed before Annas sent Jesus, still bound, to the house of Caiaphas.

As the religious leaders interrogated Jesus inside, Peter (who had been so faithful in following Christ) remained outside. Three different people asked if he knew Jesus. He denied it each time. After the third denial, Peter heard a rooster crow in the distance. When that happened he remembered Jesus had predicted Peter would deny Him three times.

Inside the house of Caiaphas, guards mocked and beat Jesus. Putting a blindfold on him, they struck Him and asked Him to say who it was that hit Him. When the religious council and the teachers of the law who had been invited to interrogate Jesus were all present, they asked if He was the Son of God. Jesus responded:

You are right in saying I am.

With this admission, the council believed they had enough evidence to condemn Him. Their next stop would be Pilate, the Roman ruler in Israel, who was in Jerusalem only for the week of the Passover.

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