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Katniss Everdeen learns, early on, that if she has hope, she can develop self-confidence and keep moving forward in her life. She also realizes that hope is the opposite of fear. The government of Panem, and President Snow, want the Tributes to experience fear, not hope. That is when the government has the most control over the Tributes.


Katniss Everdeen - the daughter of a coal miner - is the female Tribute for District 12.  Peeta Mellark - the son of a baker - is the male Tribute for District 12.   Although she did not initially realize that Peeta has strong personal feelings for her, Katniss has long looked-upon Peeta as a symbol of hope. 

Once, when the Everdeen family was starving, Peeta deliberately burned two loaves of bread.  He knew his Mother would make him throw-out those loaves to the pigs.  Instead, Peeta threw the loaves to Katniss.  That act of kindness gave Katniss hope - something far greater than Peeta could have ever imagined.

When a person has hope, he or she can accomplish far more than the energy produced by a loaf of bread or a single meal.  Hope drives a person forward, generating self-confidence and providing the assurance one needs to sense that all will be well. 

A Tribute could potentially survive on hope.

As Tributes, however, Katniss and Peeta must also feed themselves, ward-off attacks by other Tributes (and the Capitol's "game makers") - not to mention find water, apply camouflage (whenever needed) and constantly multi-task to the point of total exhaustion

Then - when they are totally exhausted - they must find a place to sleep (where they will not make themselves completely vulnerable to other Tributes whose job it is to kill them).  At such moments - and many others - the Tributes must resist the overwhelming sense of fear. 

A Tribute could potentially die because of fear.

The Hunger Games - as created by government officials in The Capitol - demonstrate two main purposes:

  • The government's power is so overwhelming that it can force the people of Panem to do anything - including give-up their children to be sacrificed in sadistic games which end their lives; and
  • The people who run the government decide that children killing children - in a reality show - constitutes entertainment worthy of a national audience.

To make the film version of Hunger Games come alive in a lush environment - where waterfalls abound - the movie producers selected Transylvania County, North Carolina.  It is a place where wintery weather freezes the falling water in mid-air.

We can virtually visit some of the places where significant film scenes take place:

At the end of all the fighting, which takes place during the 74th Hunger Games, the impossible happens.  The last two Tributes refuse to kill each other.

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