Assassination of John F. Kennedy - TO DALLAS

Lee Harvey Oswald was the secretary of the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" before President Kennedy visited Dallas in November of 1963. In this video clip, we hear an interview in which Oswald expresses his views about Cuba and the purpose of his organization.


Shortly after 11:30 a.m. CST, the President and Mrs. Kennedy arrived at Love Field in Dallas. An announcer's voice, and the background cheering, reflects the enthusiasm with which most people greeted the President that Friday afternoon.

Most people - but not all. That day the Dallas Morning News contained an ominous paid political advertisement directed at the President. And one man with a troubled past, Lee Harvey Oswald, knew the President's motorcade would pass within a rifle's shot of the building in which he worked: the Texas School Book Depository.

Who was Lee Harvey Oswald? Born in New Orleans (on Alvar Street), he never knew his own deceased father. After service in the United States Marines, he attempted to renounce his U.S. citizenship (despite his family's opposition) and moved to the Soviet Union. He settled in Minsk where he met, and married, a young Russian woman named Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova.

In May of 1962, Lee and Marina left Minsk because Lee "longed to return" to America. A year later, in August, Oswald was in New Orleans where he was arrested for unlawful agitation and distribution of pro-Castro literature. We can hear his voice today, thanks to a New Orleans radio interview where he explained his political ideas. (Oswald begins to speak at about 1:45 into the clip.  Click-on the thumbnail at the top-left of this page.)

FBI Agent James Hosty was assigned to monitor Oswald after he returned from New Orleans to Dallas.

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