Tattered Flag from the Battle of Stony Point

Tattered Flag from the Battle of Stony Point

The battle at Stony Point, which took place in July of 1779, was (according to the National Park Service) "the last military action of importance in the northern theater of war." 

In addition, the Park Service provides this description of the general battle scene:

Stony Point is a steep promontory jutting half a mile into the Hudson River and rising 150 feet above the water, which all but surrounds it. A marsh, under water at high tide, protected the inland side of the post.

The British, under General Clinton, had secured, and fortified, that location.  About six hundred Redcoats manned it.

General Washington wanted to regain Stony Point.  He ordered General "Mad Anthony" Wayne to do the job.  According to the Park Service:

He [General Wayne] moved in after dark on July 15, and at about midnight his elite corps launched its assault with muskets unloaded and with orders to use the bayonet. Within 20 minutes [of ferocious hand-to-hand combat] the fort had been secured and its surprised garrison made prisoners. The American loss was 15 killed and 80 wounded.

At two a.m., General Wayne sent a message to Washington:  "The fort and garrison . . . are ours. Our officers and men behaved like men who are determined to be free."

Although the Americans did not hold the post, Washington ordered his troops to dismantle its fortifications. 

The British took possession again, but this time General Clinton was much more cautious.  According to the Park Service:

Clinton, alarmed by his losses, had lost heart for further offensive action. Washington had retained his grip on the Hudson River line and won time in which to fortify West Point more strongly than ever.

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