Student Stories on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - The Amazing Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Olivia Torres and Nicholas Labrada

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Here we see a picture of a wall relief in Mosul, Iraq. This place used to be called Nineveh when it was part of Assyria. The wall relief depicts a garden. Some scholars today believe that the famous "Hanging Gardens" were located in Nineveh, not in Babylon. Copyright-free photo by Noah Wiener; online via Wikimedia Commons.


There are lots of ways to show your appreciation for someone. For example a gift, a bouquet of flowers, or even something special that they've been wanting for a while. But this story is different. It's about one of the seven wonders of the ancient world called the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon."

This wonder of the world was reportedly made by Nebuchadnezcar. He made this wonder for his wife. It was to please her (Aymtis of Media). But it was how it was built that is also so interesting.


The garden was built with certain things which had certain jobs to do.

For example. The columns were built to hold water in them. Isn't that clever?

There was many things included in the garden, including plants and decorative items. The garden itself was put on top of a building the king ordered made.

When exactly was this wonder made, though? Historians believe it was built, to please his wife, around 600 B.C.


There is something else that is very interesting about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Recently archaeologists have reported that the gardens may not have been located in Babylon after all. Instead they think there are some new clues to show the gardens were built near the ancient city of Nineveh.

These scholars are also questioning whether it was really the Babylonian king who ordered the gardens to be created. Maybe it was the Assyrian king instead.

We'll have to pay attention to the news as this story about one of the world's ancient wonders unfolds in the modern world.

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