Anwar Sadat: Envisioning Peace - The Assassination

"Sadat's Assassination", Minutes after assasination of Egypt's President, Ahbabulliah.com, Fair Use.

Not everyone was happy that Anwar made peace with Israel. Other Arab countries were outraged and angry. In the nearby nation of Iran, their leader, Ayatollah Khomeni, urged groups of religious fanatics within Egypt to advocate “Sacred Terror”. Ironically, Anwar had once felt the same way they did.

On October 6, 1981, Anwar was reviewing a military parade celebrating Egypt’s success during the 1974 war, when men in military uniforms jumped out of a passing tank and sprayed the reviewing stand with bullets. Anwar Sadat and seven other people were killed.

The world was stunned. Anwar was aware of the risks of working for peace with Israel, but he felt that saving the lives of countless of Egyptian soldiers was worth the risk. He told his wife he was not afraid to die and he trusted in God to not let him die one minute before his time.

After his death, Arab leaders urged militant leaders to take over the country, but they were greatly outnumbered and power passed peacefully to the Vice-President Hosni Mubarek, who pledged to continue working toward peace in the Middle East.

No one is certain if peace can ever really come to the Middle East, but history will record that this one man – Anwar Sadat – risked all to try.

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