The Best and the Brightest by David Halberstam

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Who were the men who sent America to war in Vietnam?  The author of this book calls those people "The Best and the Brightest."


  • Did they make "the best and the brightest" choices? 
  • Did they have all the facts? 
  • Did they understand the facts? 
  • What really caused America to fight, and lose, a war known to Americans as the "Vietnam War" and to Vietnamese as the "American War?"

At the end of the analysis, this book seems to conclude that "The Best and the Brightest" had great confidence in themselves but they seemed to be lacking the vision and knowledge one needs to successfully wage a war. 

As a result of this flaw, they failed to understand the determination of the Vietnamese people who viewed the conflict as a "War Against the Americans to Save the Nation."

Thanks to Random House Digital, Inc., and Google Books, much of this work is available for online reading.

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