The Bride on a Greek Vase

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This image depicts a vase on which an ancient Greek artist has created the story of Hippodameia and Pelops.  

As the legend goes ... Hippodameia and Pelops were in love.  To get marriage approval from Hippodameia’s father, King Oinomaos, Pelops had to perform a feat of extraordinary ability.  He had to defeat the King in a chariot race.

Pelops was good, but the King (according to Greek mythology) was better. 

Pelops must have thought so, too, since he engineered (according to some versions of the story) a way to make the King’s chariot fail during the race.

After the linchpin-removal caused the chariot’s axle to fall away, during the race, Oinomaos died.  Pelops and Hippodameia were thus free to marry.

We see the two of them in this image.  They went on to become King and Queen and Pelops, now ruler in place of Oinomaos, named a large area of today’s Greece after himself.

Today we know the southern part of the Greek mainland as the Peloponnese (or Peloponnesus, meaning “Island of Pelops”).

Who knew that the name of an important place in Greece was rooted in a story like this?

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Media Credits

Image, described above, online via Ecumenes, a Greek-language website.



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