The Freedmen's Bureau

The Freedmen's Bureau was formed to protect newly freed African-Americans after the end of America's War Between the States.

This illustration, by Alfred R. Waud (1828-1891), first appeared in the July 25, 1868 issue of  Harper's Weekly (at page 473.) Also created in 1868, the illustration depicts the efforts of a Freedmen's Bureau employee trying to mediate tensions between two different groups of people.

The Library of Congress provides this title and summary of the illustration:

The Freedmen's Bureau

Man representing the Freedman's Bureau stands between armed groups of Euro-Americans and Afro-Americans.

Waud's original work is a print based on a wood engraving.

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Media Credits

Illustration by Alfred R. Waud, published in the July 25, 1868 issue of Harper's Weekly, at page 473. Online via the Library of Congress. Library of Congress reproduction number LC-USZ62-105555 (b&w film copy neg.) Public Domain due to lapsed copyright.


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