Student Stories on the Great Pyramid of Giza - The Great Pyramids of Egypt by Myco Jean-Baptiste and Fox Gregory

"Giza Pyramids", A man and a camel pause with pyramids in the background, by EMILIO MORENATTI, National Geographic.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt are made as a resting place for the Pharaoh of the fourth dynasty, King Khufu. Them pyramids took about 20 years to make. 10 of those 20 years were spent making the ramp they used to carry the construction items. About 2,000,000 stone bricks went into make the pyramid. The bricks weighed about 2.5 tons each.

The ancient Egyptians have huge pyramids that serve as graves for dead people.People don’t even have places to sleep at night.So they talked about sleeping in the Pyramids so now there are over 150 people sleeping in the ancient Egyptian pyramids.People are saying that the pyramid are too tight for people but only 350 people can fit in but they said “The limit of people sleeping in the pyramid is 200”.

The Egyptians did not have modern methods of building. They had used huge ramps and an estimated 20,000 or 30,000 people to help make the tomb. The Pyramids were not made just for Pharaohs, Kings or Queens they were also made for tombs for their families.

While people was discovering the ancient Egyptian world they found over 130 pyramids. Some of the pyramids were used for the burial of Pharaohs, storage of goods, and they were used as houses. People didn’t like sleeping in the pyramids but they had nowhere else to go.

Located in Giza, Egypt about eighty pyramids exist and most hold mummified people. Some were used for storage. It's surprising that something that big took 20 years to make and had 2 million stone bricks. The bricks at the top weighed about 9 tons.

The first Egyptian Pyramid ever is believed to be the pyramid of Djoser!The Djoser was an ancient egyptian pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty during the Old Kingdom and the founder of this epoch.They were well known under his Hellenized names Tosorthros.

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