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The Hanging Garden of Babylon was a wonder of the ancient world. Its beauty had captivated people for years, but its origin is still a bit unclear.


Hanging Garden of Babylon art 


The location has even been argued for this garden. A woman by the name of Dr. Stephanie Dalley has said she had found it in a city of the ancient world called Nineveh which is now close to the modern city of Mosul, in Iraq. If this is accurate then the garden would not be in Babylon or created by Babylonians, it would be made by the Assyrians.

Now that the location is being debated, so is the creator. Two kings have the possibility to have created it. One is named King Nebuchadnezzar II, who was a king of Babylon, who was previously thought to have built the garden. Then, there is King Sennacherib who ruled over the Assyrians.

Though it’s not certain, there is a rather interesting tale to King Nebuchadnezzar II. It was said that his wife missed the exotic beauty of her home, so her husband, King Nebuchadnezzar II, built her an exquisite and fascinating garden, which is known as the Hanging Garden of Babylon. Although many things could be different depending on the king it was made by, there are some facts that stay the same.

No matter who it was built by or where it was built, it’s decided that the garden was built close to the time of 600 BC. After the garden was built, many people had the question: How did the plants of the Hanging Garden of Babylon hang? Though the plants look as if they are hanging, in artistic images, they are not. The plants had simply grown on the roof and had rooted in the crevices of the building, which gives them a hanging effect. Even though there are many mysteries of its creation, some say it’s still a mystery whether or not it was actually real. 

The thought about the Hanging Garden of Babylon has been around for many years and it still strikes curiosity in many. Even though historians have made many theories about the garden, the garden could’ve not even existed according to some sources. Many of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World have been recorded in some way by the citizens, yet the garden is said to have only a few or none at all. This is what makes many people question whether it ever stood in the first place. Though some doubt the garden, the Hanging Garden of Babylon is still interesting and has many fascinating details surrounding it. 

The garden has been questioned for so long, that naturally, historians have noticed many intriguing facts. The garden held many gorgeous plants in its time, therefore to keep the plants healthy they need water. It’s said that watering the plants for one day used a total of nearly 8,200 gallons of water. Imagine having a garden like that and carrying 8,200 gallons of water per day. Carrying gallons of water up to the roof of a building every day would take a ton of work, so it’s likely they made a complex watering system that carried the water upward, which is an impressive feat.

The Hanging Garden of Babylon is an impressive and captivating wonder that raises many questions about it.

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