The Help - by Kathryn Stockett

The Help - by Kathryn Stockett Civil Rights American History Ethics Fiction

Kathryn Stockett creates memorable characters in her first novel, The Help.  Among those characters is a bigoted woman, named Hilly Holbrook, who invents the "Home Help Sanitation Initiative" as a way to perpetuate prejudice against “home help” workers in Jackson, Mississippi.  All of those “home help” workers are African-Americans.

The Help, Stockett’s first novel, is the basis for a movie of the same name.  This image depicts the cover of her book.  Click on it for a better view.

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Bookcover image online courtesy Kathryn Stockett and her publisher.  Copyright, Kathryn Stockett, all rights reserved.  Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new readers with the book.


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