The Loss of America

The Loss of America

According to the Library of Congress' exhibition, John Bull and Uncle Sam - Four Centuries of British-American Relations, the result of the colonies' war for independence was a major blow for Britain:

The loss of America was troubling to many Britons, among them poet and artist William Blake (1757-1827). Blake related the American Revolution to the French Revolution, during which this drawing was made, and believed the two events might portend some sort of cosmic upheaval. Here, England's angel, Albion, mourns the loss of America which, in Blakes's view, has made a giant breach in the fabric of Britain's well being.

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America: A Prophecy. London: William Blake, 1793, frontispiece. Drawing, with watercolor and ink.


Image, quote and information from the Library of Congress, John Bull and Uncle Sam, Four Centuries of British-American Relations.


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