Hawaiian History Straight from the Islands! - The Overthrow Of Hawaii

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"Bluejackets of the U.S.S. Boston ", occupying Arlington Hotel grounds during overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaiian_rebellions_(1887–95), Public Domain.

Guess who was in charge of annexing the Hawaiian Islands? It was President William McKinley!!!!!! DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNN! People wanted to take over Hawaii because Hawaii was really valuable. Hawaii was valuable because it had lots of lush lands and abundant supplies. Those things made lots of other people like Russians want to take over the islands. Therefore there were 4 main parts leading up to the overthrow of Hawaii.

The overthrow of Hawaii had many events leading up to it. After Captain Cook came to Hawaii he told everyone about the islands. After that lots of people started to come to the islands. Later some people came to Hawaii to trade goods like iron and other things so they could replenish their supplies on their ship. Then the Americans started interest in the islands in about 1820. Then Hawaii started to change.

After some time Hawaii was more developed and there was business in Hawaii. At that time Americans were coming to Hawaii and planting lots of sugar. By doing that they made lots of money and started realizing the value of the Hawaiian Islands. When labor became scarce Americans started recruiting people from China, Japan, and other countries. By the way, that’s why there are so many people of diffrent races in Hawaii. Surprisingly Hawaii remained its own country even though British, Russians, French, and Americans wanted the islands. But that was only when business was starting.

This is when the planters started taking matters into there own hands. The sugar planters started not liking the Hawaiian government so they brought about the overthrow. At that time the government of the islands was the Hawaiian monarchy and Queen Liliuokalani. Therefore some of the American government and the sugar planters tried to annex the islands but didn’t have enough votes from the government to be able to annex the islands. 

Finally this all changed when the U.S.S Maine in February blew up and the Spanish-American war began. When that happened the US navy was given permission to create a naval base you would know as Pearl Harbor. Sadly, the government still did not have rule over Hawaii. As the war went on Congress was convinced of the need to take over Hawaii because “the need for the mid-pacific naval base was critical, and Hawaii is only option.” Also what partly convinced people to take over Hawaii was that during the war the northern states couldn’t get southern sugar, but if they took over Hawaii they could get lots of money because Hawaii could sell the sugar they had. So the President Annexed the Hawaiian Islands. Well that’s how the Hawaiian Islands became annexed.

Overall, Hawaii was valuable and that lead to other countries wanting take over the islands. In the beginning Captain Cook landed on the Hawaiian Islands and then he told everyone about the islands. After that people started coming to the islands to trade and sell things. Then later when Hawaii had more business it became a main sugar planting foundation for America. Furthermore, people started realizing the value of the islands and tried to annex them but failed. Lastly what convinced the President to annex the islands was when he realized the value that the islands could play in the war.

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