Pope John XXIII: The Man Who Loved All People - The War

"Life in the Army", Military PIcture, Thoughts from a Catholic, Fair Use.

World War I brought many bloody battles to Italy.  Don Angelo, working in field hospitals, was in the midst of much suffering and death.  One of the worst battles was fought near his family’s home town.  Thousands of men and boys were killed, and thousands more injured. The wounded filled the schools and churches but there was not enough medical help for them.  Don Angelo would never forget the horror of war and the terrible suffering it caused.

After the war ended, and despite the diverse good work he had done, Don Angelo believed that the best years of his life were passing him by.  He wrote a biography of the bishop to whom he served as assistant and published it in 1920. He sent a compliment copy to an old friend of the bishop – Pope Benedict.  Don Angelo was soon summoned to Rome to work.

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