Abraham Lincoln - The Young Lincoln

Thomas Lincoln, Abraham’s father, was a hard-nosed rugged outdoorsman who made a living with his hands. He and his wife, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, were married in 1806.

In a small, one-room log cabin, with a dirt floor in Kentucky, Tom and Nancy had two surviving children. Sarah was born in 1807; Abraham was born in 1809. 

Life, on what was then the American frontier, was very hard. The children of pioneer families were expected to work from an early age. Sarah cooked and cleaned with her mother, while Abraham spent long, tiring days working with his father to clear the land and plant the crops. Yet, as hard and as long as they worked, they could never seem to get ahead.

The Lincolns had another son, called Tommy, who was born circa 1812. He died shortly after birth, perhaps on the third day of his life.

Abraham’s mother was deeply saddened by this, but she was a strong Baptist and her religion led her to believe that everything that happens must happen for a reason.

When Abraham was seven—and still living in Hodgenville, Kentucky—he fell into a raging creek (known as Knob Creek) while playing with his closest childhood friend, Austin Gollaher. He nearly drowned before he was rescued. Abe's mother reportedly told him:

There is a reason your life was spared. You must be destined for great things.

This had a profound effect on Abraham and impacted the way he thought for the rest of his life. Although he didn’t become as religious as his mother, he gained a lifelong faith in God and a strong belief in providence—that what is meant  to happen will  happen.

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