Virginia Tech Massacre - Those Who Remain


By Jacquelyn Whalen

It stirs a feeling inside me

To hear and see what you did.

I wish I had known you,

So I could see

And understand

What it felt like

To be that angry at the world.

But I didn't.

I wish I could understand

Why you chose death.

I realize that sometimes

Dying is just the easy way out,

Just one shot, and the pain is all over.

It's easy . . .

Was that what you were thinking?

When you shot those people in the dormitory?

Or was it just the immense pain

Of doubt and hatred?

I wish I knew.

Who could've stopped you?

Was there anyone you cared about?

Or did you just ignore life


So many questions to ask;

So many things I want to say;

But I don't have time,

So I'll just ask,


Why did you shoot all those people

At Virginia Tech that day?

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