Titanic - J. Dawson Grave Marker

The grave marker of Titanic passenger J. Dawson

The body of an adult male, whose personal identification revealed he was "J. Dawson," was found at sea after Titanic sank.  Bodies were numbered in the order they were recovered.  Dawson's body was number 227.

After rampant speculation that J. Dawson was actually Jack Dawson - a fictional character in the film "Titanic" - historians tracked-down the facts about the real J. Dawson.  His name was Joseph, and he was from Dublin. 

Working aboard Titanic as a trimmer - a shoveler of coal in the bowels of the ship - J. Dawson died, along with thousands of other people, after Titanic's tragic encounter with a North-Atlantic iceberg.  His final resting place is at Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Click on the image for a better view of J. Dawson's grave marker.


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Image online, courtesy Halifax archives.


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