Titanic Mail Clerk - John Starr March

Titanic Mail Clerk John Starr March

John Starr March—a 48-year-old American postal clerk working on board Titanic on the 15th of April, 1912—liked being "at sea."  

His daughters, however, really wanted their father to have a postal job on land. They had at least two very good reasons for this:

  • During 1911, the girls had lost their Mother while their Father was at sea.  
  • During his eight-year career, working in the sea post office on various ships, March had experienced eight different emergencies at sea.

March assured his daughters that he would not die at sea.  

One can never predict such things, however, despite our best efforts to believe that we can.

March was working on the Titanic, during her maiden voyage. As he continued trying to save the mail, while Titanic was sinking, March lost his life.  

When a recovery team located John's body, they also found his pocket watch.  It had stopped at 1:27 - presumably that was 1:27 AM on the morning of April 15, 1912.

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