Tollund Man with Rope around His Neck

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It is clear from the way Tollund Man's body was found, in a Danish peat bog, that he died by hanging. The rope was still around his neck, about 2,350 years after he was buried.

P. V. Glob, a leading anthropologist, was called to the scene to examine the remains.  Later, he wrote about what he observed when he first saw the Iron-Age mummy:

Dr. Glob tells us—in his book, The Bog People, published in 1965—what it was like when he first saw Tollund Man:

An early spring day—8 May, 1950.  Evening was gathering over Tollund Fen in Bjaeldskov Dal [dale or valley].  Momentarily, the sun burst in, bright and yet subdued, through a gate in blue thunder-clouds in the west, bringing everything mysteriously to life.  The evening stillness was only broken, now and again, by the grating love-call of the snipe. 

The dead man, too, deep down in the umber-brown peat, seemed to have come alive.  He lay on his damp bed as though asleep, resting on his side, the head inclined a little forward, arms and legs bent.  His face wore a gentle expression - eyes lightly closed, the lips softly pursed, as if in silent prayer. 

It was as though the dead man's soul had for a moment returned from another world, through the gate in the Western sky.  (P.V. Glob, at page 18 of The Bog People:  Iron-Age Man Preserved.)

Click on the image for a better view of Tollund Man and the rope that was still around his neck when he was found.

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