Tollund Mummy as It Appeared in the Peat Bog

Tollund Mummy as It Appeared in the Peat Bog Ancient Places and/or Civilizations Geography Social Studies STEM Visual Arts

At first, it seemed that Tollund Man had been laid to rest without a violent death. His peaceful appearance took on a different meaning, however, as the excavation continued ... and ... a rope was seen around his neck.

P.V. Glob, the anthropologist called to the scene after the mummy was discovered, knew that he could not properly investigate what had happened to Tollund Man while the body remained in a peat bog.  He tells us what happened next in his book, The Bog People:

Proper study of such an interesting find, and the need to preserve it for the future, called for its immediate removal to the National Museum in far away Copenhagen. Preparations were quickly begun. 

In the gathering dusk a local saw-mill was visited and asked to supply planks for a box to be built in the bog round the dead man and his bed of peat, so that everything could be despatched for investigation intact.  (P. V. Glob, The Bog People, at page 20.)

Lennart Larsen took pictures of Tollund Man after the bog material was removed from covering the mummified remains.  As depicted above, one of the images can be seen at pages 26 and 27 of Glob's book.

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Photo by Lennart Larsen, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


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