Torpedo Ray in Action

How does a Torpedo Fish, or an Eyed Electric Ray, use electricity to capture its prey?

This video clip, from WOW Dive, shows us exactly what happens.

A Torpedo Ray, on the hunt in the Pacific Ocean, senses there might be food nearby.  Sure enough ... an unwary fish has strayed too far from the safety of underwater rocks. 

This particular hunter has within itself enough combined voltage to knock a man unconscious.  It will not need all that power to capture a fish.

Following its potential prey, the Torpedo Ray assesses how much energy it will take to capture the fish.  In an attack lasting 3½ seconds, the Torpedo Ray emits three electrical bursts (equating to 90 electrical pulses). 

It's enough to cripple the fish whose muscles contract so rapidly that it breaks its own back.


And ... that's  how a Torpedo Ray uses electricity to capture its prey.

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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5197stories and lessons created

Original Release: May 24, 2014

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

Media Credits

Video clip online via the WOW Dive Channel at YouTube.


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