Torture Instruments from Medieval Times - Summary

Why do people torture other people? What are different instruments of torture that can be used on people? Are some devices more painful than others? These and other questions will be answered in the story that follows. 

Torture happens when justice is denied and can happen when law is perverted and/or not followed. Thomas Hobbs, one of the great English philosophers of the Middle Ages, believes that in war, force and fraud are two cardinal virtues. He also believes that most men think they have the right to do whatever they want.

The reason Hobbs has such a negative attitude about people is traced to the time period in which he lives. Born during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, he knows the history of her father, King Henry VIII (and what happened to Britain's monasteries during his reign). He also knows about the brief-but-deadly reign of Queen Mary (Henry VIII's older daughter).

Hobbes has likely seen people in the stocks and may have seen medieval torture instruments in use.  Torture is one way religious leaders try to get dissenting people to recant.

For all of these reasons, this political philosopher advocates the need for a strong society which respects both law and governmental order.

Methods of medieval torture are cruel.  Instruments of torture include the rack, the wheel, the Judas Cradle and the Iron Maiden.

Executing a death sentence, on a member of the nobility or ruling class, is usually quick. However, for everyone else the process is neither quick nor painless.  The objective is to inflict suffering on dissenters.  

In this story, step back in time to see—at a welcome distance—the medieval world's expression of man's inhumanity to man.

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