Torture of Filipino Men

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This image depicts a victim of atrocities committed against Filipinos by the Japanese military during World War II. The photo is included in the Report on the Destruction of Manila and Japanese Atrocities:  February 1945

NOTE that this official document, of atrocities, is very difficult to read and its pictures are very disturbing. Note, also, that the words used to describe people and events are the words used at the time (in the 1949s). Japanese people, for example, are referred to as "Japs."

The report describes this photo:

Feb. 23, 1945:   Miximo Pingal residing in the Walled City, Manila, was made prisoner by the Japs when the city was turned into a fortress.  For three days prior to the assault and entrance of the America troops, Pingal had been bound and blindfolded in his home.  

On the morning of the entrance of our troops [into the city of Manila] he was dragged out of his house by Japanese Imperial Marines and was struck in the neck and arm by one of their sabers..there he was left to die as the Japs retreated to other parts of the city.  

Pingal was subsequently rescued by US Army Med. Corps and taken to San Lazaro Hospital, Manila, where this photo was taken, for treatment.  The attached statement was signed...and attested to by Miximo Pingal.

The above is based on facts of same original statement.

Unfortunately, Miximo Pingal's story was not an isolated event.

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Media Credits

Photograph, described above, by US Army Signal Corps.  Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.




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