Treasures of King Tut and Downton Abbey

Howard Carter opened King Tut's Tomb on February 13, 1924.

Patron of the expedition that found the tomb of King Tut, George Herbert (the 5th Earl of Carnarvon) died before Tutankhamun's treasures were fully examined. At the "precise moment" of Lord Carnarvon's death, in Egypt, other "spooky" things allegedly happened.

This clip features those "spooky things" - plus King Tut's tomb.

By the way ... did you know that George Herbert owned a mansion called Highclere Castle (his family's ancestral home)?  That may not matter much, all these years later, except for one thing.  We know Highclere by a different name:  Downton Abbey!

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From a documentary on King Tut, courtesy the National Geographic channel on YouTube.  Copyright, National Geographic, all rights reserved.  Clip used here as fair use for educational purposes.


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