Treaty Map, 1782 - America's Most Famous

Treaty Map, 1782-America's Most Famous

According to the Library of Congress, this map has been referred to as "the most famous map in the history of American diplomacy." 

It was used by American and British negotiators who were in Paris, during the fall of 1782, discussing the terms of a peace treaty granting America her independence from Britain. 

Also called "Mitchell's Map," "the Red-lined Map" and "King George's Map," it was used "to delineate the boundaries of the original territory that became the United States."

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Media Credits

John Mitchell, A Map of the British Colonies in North America with the Roads, Distances, Limits and Extent of the Settlements. London: Jefferys & Fadden, 1775, with hand-written additions, 1782.


Image (58vc), quote and information from the Library of Congress, John Bull and Uncle Sam, Four Centuries of British-American Relations.


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