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It is the Late Bronze Age, approximately 1250 B.C. Helen of Sparta (Diane Kruger) becomes Helen of Troy (according to legend) when she leaves her husband Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson) for a prince of Troy named Paris (Orlando Bloom).

 Her furious and humiliated spouse seeks the help of his brother Agamemnon (Brian Cox), king of Mycenae, to avenge his loss. Raising a huge Greek army, the brothers will commence a war against Troy. Ten years of conflict, and many interesting stories, follow.

One of the key warriors for the Greeks is Achilles (Brad Pitt). His counterpart, for the Trojans, is Hector (Eric Bana), son of King Priam (Peter O’Toole). Unable to defeat the Trojans without deception, the Greeks finally decide to bring soldiers into the city inside a wooden horse.

Are the stories true? Was there ever, really, a Trojan Horse? Homer, the ancient blind poet who appears to be the original source for the Trojan War, thought so. (He wrote an epic about it called The Iliad.)

Through the time of the American Civil War, most people believed that Troy was a mythological place. There was no city by that name. There were no known primary sources to prove a Trojan War had ever occurred.

Yet ... the possibility existed. What if ruins of Troy were buried deep in the earth? What if people took Homer at his word? What if, with Iliad in hand, one were to follow the landscapes Homer described? Would such a quest lead to a real place called Troy?

In this story behind the movie, take a virtual trip to Turkey and view the Troy excavations. See ancient Greek pottery, depicting stories from The Iliad. Examine golden artifacts referred to as “Priam’s Treasure,” view excavations at Mycenae (in Greece), and meet Heinrich Schliemann (the controversial excavator who uncovered Troy and brought Mycenae to light).

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