Tsunami Warning Sign

Tsunami Warning Sign Disasters

NOAA—the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—issues cautions which coincide with a tsunami warning sign like this one.

Warning signs of a tsunami:

  • A strong earthquake
  • A sudden rise or fall of the ocean tide
  • A loud, roaring sound (like an airplane or a train) coming from the ocean
  • Tsunami warnings broadcast over television and radio, by beach lifeguards, community sirens, text message alerts, NOAA tsunami warning center Web sites and on NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards

What you should do if you see these signs:

  • Don't panic
  • Move inland to higher ground, or into a tall building immediately and stay there
  • Turn on your radio or television to learn if there is a tsunami warning
  • Stay away from the beach until officials issue an "all clear"

However ... for most people impacted by the massive tsunami which struck on 26 December 2004, there were no warnings at all.

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Tsunami warning sign and warning cautions, online courtesy NOAA.


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