Enigma Machine and Its U-boat Codes - U-505 IN PERIL

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Now maintained at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, U-505 was captured by Americans off the coast of west Africa. This cutaway drawing illustrates the submarine's interior. Click on the image for a clear view of the drawing and its descriptions.


With about ten months left to fight the War in Europe, the U.S. Navy captured U-505 off the coast of Cap Blanc (French West Africa). It was the first American capture of an enemy ship at sea since 1815.

Several U.S. ships were involved, including the "baby" aircraft carrier USS Guadalcanal and its airmen. Captain Daniel V. Gallery, commander of the Guadalcanal, had an important objective in mind: He wanted to capture a U-boat with its encoding equipment intact.

U-505 was returning to base following an 80-day spree of destruction (these are her forward torpedo tubes) in the Gulf of Guinea when the USS Chatelaine radioed the Guadalcanal:

Frenchy to Bluejay - I have a possible sound contact.

Immediately responding, Guadalcanal launched her planes. One of the pilots radioed:

Sighted sub - destroyers head from spot where we are shooting.

Firing "hedgehogs," a type of depth charge, the destroyers launched the attack against 505. She was badly damaged and forced to surface.

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