U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba - 10 April 1962 Recommendation, Pg 2

This image depicts the second page of a top-secret, now-declassified document - written by Lyman Lemnitzer (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) on 10 April 1962 - urging the Kennedy Administration to take military action against Cuba.

Split into paragraphs here, for easier reading, the document states as follows:

... the possibility of internal uprisings within Cuba. The steady improvement in military defenses strengthens the resistance which must be overcome in the event of a U.S. military intervention and could lengthen the time required to secure control of the government and the island.

The continuing indoctrination of Cuban youth creates a growing nucleus for a Communist underground after the elimination of the present government. This creates a problem for the future which is steadily increasing in magnitude.

4. The Joint Chiefs of Staff believe that the United States can undertake military intervention in Cuba without risk of general war. They also believe that the intervention can be accomplished rapidly enough to minimize Communist opportunities for solicitation of UN action. Forces available would assure rapid essential military control of Cuba. Continued police action would be required.

5. In view of the increasing military and subversive threat to the United States and the nations of the Western Hemisphere posed by the Communist regime in Cuba, the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend that a national policy of early military intervention be adopted by the United States.

They also recommend that such intervention be undertaken as soon as possible and preferably before the release of National Guard and Reserve forces presently on active duty.

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See, also, page 1 of the memo.

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Image described above, online courtesy the U.S. National Archives and the National Security Archive at George Washington University.



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