Union Soldiers Bridging the Osage

This image depicts Union soldiers bridging the Osage River for General Fremont. Click on it to expand the view.

In the Harper's Weekly issue of November 16, 1861 - on page 722 - we learn about the war's progress (or lack thereof) in the key state of Missouri.


WE continue in this Number our series of illustrations of the War in Missouri. On page 727 ... a picture—from a sketch by Mr. A. Simplot—representing FREMONT'S BRIDGE ACROSS THE OSAGE.

...Of General Fremont's army on the march many queer stories are told. It is reported by Mr. Thurlow Weed that they are ravaging the country as they go; and we regret to say that our own information is to the same effect.

The utmost license in the way of foraging is allowed to the troops, and thus the feeling of the secessionists is imbittered, while Union men are converted into enemies.

General Fremont believes in making the war support itself. At Warsaw he quartered his officers in the houses of the leading inhabitants, himself occupying the residence of Judge Wright, a leading rebel. Warsaw is a hot-bed of treason."

In addition, the same issue (also on page 722) includes a discussion about General Fremont's competence as a leader:

If the President thinks Fremont incompetent, let him be removed. We shall all acquiesce; and if the newspapers choose to wrangle about him, let them wrangle.

But if the President is not yet persuaded, then, in the name of the national honor, of his own dignity, and of the justice due to a brave and noble man who is busy with the enemy in front and is silent toward assailing slander in the rear, let the President of the United States and Commander-in-chief of the army show that the good name of every faithful soldier, whether major-general or private, is his peculiar care, and that the public shall have no official hints to his injury.

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Harper's Weekly
November 16, 1861

Image, Page 727
Information and quotes, Page 722

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