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This map depicts the areas of significant German defenses, along the Omaha Beach front, at the time of the Normandy Invasion (in June of 1944). 

It was an important detail for Allied forces to know the locations of Germany’s strongest defenses.  Hitler had announced his "Atlantic Wall" would be impregnable, so before the Allied assault force came ashore, on D-Day, they needed the best-possible intelligence.

We learn more about it in Omaha Beachhead, "Assault Plan" (Chapter 2), page 20:   

In the years which followed the fall of France, the Germans publicized the building of an "Atlantic Wall" against any invasion attempts on the part of the Allies.

In his speech announcing declaration of war on the United States, Hitler said (11 December 1941):  "A belt of strongpoints and gigantic fortifications runs from Kirkenes (Norway) to the Pyrenees.... It is my unshakable decision to make this front impregnable against every enemy."

Commando forays on the coast of France, aerial reconnaissance, and reports from the French Resistance and secret agents helped Allied Headquarters to amass detailed information on the enemy's progress in strengthening his fortifications in the west. On the basis of this intelligence Allied plans were checked and revised up to the middle of May [or just a few weeks before D-Day was launched].

The estimates were later found to be substantially correct regarding enemy fire power, the underwater and beach obstacles, the plans for use of terrain in defense, and the strength of defensive emplacements.

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