Velociraptor Claw Diagram

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This diagram depicts Henry F. Osborn's 1924 drawing of a Velociraptor mongoliensis' skull and claw.  As noted in its name, fossilized remains of this raptor were located in Mongolia.

We learn more about this significant discovery in Mongolia – Faces of a Nation, by Frank Riedinger:

Khermen Tsav

In the 1920s, the American Museum of Natural History led an expedition to the Gobi Desert. And in 1023, they made a spectacular find.

They found the first fossilized dinosaur eggs to be uncovered anywhere in the world, which meant that they now knew how dinosaurs reproduced. A lot of nests were found, some which had eggs that still contained young animals.

Because of the number of nests and the fact that they were all located close to each other, the assumption was made that dinosaurs lived in colonies.

Roy Chapman Andrews also found parts of the skeleton of the Protoceratops that was first described in 1923. The name comes from protos, "first" and ceratops, "horn face."

Discovered were also made of the skeletons of the Velociraptor (first described by Henry Fairfield Osborn "Velociraptor mongoliensis") and the Oviraptor.

The most well known locations where such finds were made in the Gobi are Bayan Zag [known, in English, as "Flaming Cliffs"] and Khermen Tsav. (See Mongolia – Faces of a Nation, by Frank Riedinger, at page 122.)

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